Stas Portal dumpers

Stas Portal Dumpers

With our underwater unloading systems (portal dumpers and compact dumpers) the bags are carefully immersed in a water basin and after being led to the sorting machine via dryers, brushes and line-up v-channel, their contents arrive neatly and dried at the packing stations. Conveying using water neutralises the risk of damage.

We are the first in the market to have specialist solutions for non-floating fruits such as Conference pears.

This solution is also used for (heavy duty) dry dumping, e.g. oranges, citrus fruits, potatoes.

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Spoor Cupsorteerder Sorteert op Gewicht en maat.

Alle banden zijn voorzien van een verstelbare kistenweger uit RVS dat klapbaar is voor de kisten onder hoek te zetten.

Er is ook plaats voor een 2de klas kist te plaatsen.

Stas electronic cherrygrader 2 lanes 7 exits

Stas electronic cherrygrader with  2 lanes and 7 exits
  • Stas electronic cherrygrader with  2 lanes and 7 exits
  • Grading: colour and size; (possible update to qualitysystem.)
  • New cherry cradles (picture)
  • 3 x v-belt for singulation
  • Alluminium frame.
  • 6 x packingbelts with lamps and electronic weighers.
  • Returnbelt for doubles included.

HSG Aweta 2 line

HSG Aweta 2 line
  • second hand Aweta HSG 2 lanes and 10 (+1) exits
  • weight grading only  (prepaired for colourgrading)
  • central switchbox
  • 2 x V-belts for singulation.
  • 5 x collecting table included.
  • Capacity: 4000 to 6000 kg per hour.
  • Gradingspeed: upto 11 prod. Per second.

Stas NV Combi & Conveyor belts

Combi belts and packing tables

The development of our acclaimed Combipack conveyor belt has already been copied by most of our competitors. Are you looking for an efficient and ergonomic solution for manual packing and for someone who does it just that little bit better? STAS NV Belgium offers a wide range of solutions and innovates in consultation with the customer and knows how to create that unique solution including calibrated weighing equipment. All conveyor and packing belts are obtainable with the necessary certificates and have been designed in accordance with CE, HACCP and FDA regulations.

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Hydro cooling cherries, asparagus, ...

Hydro cooling Cherries, asparagus, …

Hydro cooling brings the fruits to a temperature of +/-1 degree, the cooling capacities are between 500kg/h and 10,000 kg/h.

Hydro Cooling, is a joint development between STAS NV Belgium, the cherry producers and a renowned cooling supplier.

The efficient operation removes the heat absorbed in the field faster by showering the pallets in a water curtain of ice-cold water.

The additional advantage is that the fruit is washed with water that is treated with chlorine dioxide (water companies use this in tap water for purification).

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Stas RSort AirJet

Stas Cherry sizer

Stas stone fruit sorter (apricots, nectarines, plums and peaches)
The electronic RSort AirJet can be seen as a revolutionary development that started in 2007 from the then mechanical cherry lines. They separate the different sizes and colours with great precision and speed, resulting in better market prices and lower sorting costs.

Each conveyor of the RSort AirJet conveyor belt runs at a speed of up to 32 units per second, resulting in high productivity while maintaining the division and accuracy.

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