Second Hand Machinery

We have a lot more second hand machinery!! For more information about this machinery contact Stas Nv
We make complete revisions and give guarantees on used machines.
 Aweta G3x8 with 8 +1 exits with Sorting on Size/weight.

Aweta G3x8 with 8 +1 exits with Sorting on Size/weight.

Aweta 3 line 8+1 exits

Sorting on Weight/size
Sections between exits
Length +/- 13 m 

Aweta 4 line With 11+1 Exits

Weigt / Size sorting machine
Sections between the exits for space.
Length Machine: +/-  14m 

Aweta G/2x8 cupsizer
  • Sorting on Weight (a camera system can be built on this machine) 
  • Completely overhauled with warranty
  • Capacity: 2T/h 
  • Length: 11,4m 
  • Exits: 8+1 
Cherry Hydrocooler
  • Cappacity 6000 kg/h
  • Complete with trailer. 
  • Length: 13m 
  • Age: 6 years.
  • Verry good condition. 

Working: From the back you put a pallet…

Dosing System ADS 200/4

The ADS 200/4 is equipped with four dosing arms, which fill Blueberries, cherry's and other suitable products into punnets. In a first step, infeed wather conveyer then conveyer belt with air blowers for draying the…

HSG Aweta 2 line
  • second hand Aweta HSG 2 lanes and 10 (+1) exits
  • weight grading only  (prepaired for colourgrading)
  • central switchbox
  • 2 x V-belts for singulation.
  • 5 x collecting table…