Hydro cooling Cherries, asparagus, …

Hydro cooling brings  the cherries to +/- 1 degree. Coolers capacity from 500kg / h to 10 000 kg / h.

Hydro Cooling, which has been jointly designed between STAS, grower and associate supplier, is effective and efficient and removes the field heat faster by bathing the pallets in a flow of ice cold water spayed down by gravity.

The added benefit is that the fruit is washed with clean potable water which is treated with chlorine dioxide (this is what water companies use in tap water for purification). The water treatment doesn’t introduce any taint that some other chlorination process do.

The process is quite simple, a large quantity of cold water is used to drizzle down onto the moving pallets of cherries, and the particle water droplets are of such size that no physical damage should occur to the fruit.

Generally the speed of the stainless steel, chain driven conveyor (that drives the pallets / boxes through the water shower) is adjustable. This is to suit the type of cherries being cooled. Various tests which were carried out by a specialist grower have assisted in getting the exact requirements for the construction of the Hydro Cooler.

This is suitable for cooling Cherry’s, asparagus, …