Stas Cupsizer for apples, pears, tomatoes and peppers,…

The Stas Cupsizer will sort the fruit.
This machine can sort by size, weight, color and quality.

The machine is made by customer demand. The number of outputs that customer want and the distance that the outputs should be stand.

This machine’s can reach a capacity of 1Ton / h -10Ton / h. (The capacity is determined by the number of jobs.)

This machine is suitable for all round, oval, hard and soft fruit with a minimum diameter of 40mm.

Stas Cherry Sizer

STAS electronic AirJet™ grader can be substituted as part of our mechanical cherry lines to colour separate and size grade high value cherry sizes for even greater market prices and reduced sorting costs.

Each lane of the AirJet™ conveyor moves at speeds of up to 32 units per second allowing high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy.

Be assured that the AirJet™ grader is gentle on your fruit so your product retains its high quality and high value.

94% sizing accuracy gives you and your customers confidence in your product and can allow sizing into smaller size increments so each high value grade can command the highest price.

100% accurate colour separation leads to large returns for valuable dark fruit.

Several defect types can be identified by the AirJet™ grader and more defect modules are in development reducing the number of inspection staff required and therefore lowering your overheads